Practice battle

April 20, 2010
Go on crystal at 6:00 friday. Delta is M-Z turn brown if M-Z is your penguins first lettter. Charlie Will turn blue A-M same jumbo as delta. Remember Crystal 6:00 friday. Keep on Keepin on!


April 17, 2010
The Blue Vs. Red battle will be tommorow on outback 1:00 pm. we will be turning red evne though our color is brown. if you
ddo not come you will be on a 1 day ban. I am sorry if you get a one day ban but this is going to be the biggest battle of the
YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Come To the battle Tomorrow.
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ACP practice battle

April 15, 2010
Today i helped acp in a practice battle. The Three divisions battled it out. It was fun. Gamma is purple Alpha is Red Echo is Blue!
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Practice battle!

April 13, 2010
       Practice battle on outback!

                 server outback 
                 time  sunday EST 2:00 CST 1:00 MST 12:00 WST
                 if your penguins first letter of your name is A-K you are in alpha turn blue for alpha. If your penguins first letter of
 Their name is L-Z You are in charlie. Charlie is brown comeent if you can/cant make it!
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The Beginning

April 13, 2010
         This is the first post for MCAP. MCAP is an army for penguins to help keep club penguin safe. MCAP Stands for Mountian climber action penguins. So mainly Here are the basics i am your leader mommacat and the co leader is tydog
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